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Will the laser destroy other structures of the skin?

When the hot summer comes, many people begin to worry about the thick body hair again: it’s not only ugly but also embarrassing to wear less.

To deal with thick body hair, I believe we have a lot of weapons in our hands: the effect of shaving knife can only last for 3 ~ 5 days, but the hair gets thicker and thicker, which is also easy to damage the skin barrier, leading to skin sensitivity, redness, swelling and even inflammation; The chemical composition of depilatory cream has great irritation to the skin, allergy is also very common, and the effect can only last for 3 ~ 5 days; Honey wax depilation is painful and easy to cause folliculitis. The effect can last for 2 weeks. These methods are temporary hair removal because they do not permanently destroy hair follicles.

Is there really a way to completely destroy hair follicles and achieve permanent hair removal? A very clear answer, yes, is laser hair removal.

Why can laser depilate?

Everyone has used the electric kettle. We fill it with water and turn on the electricity. The resistance wire in the kettle will keep heating and boil the water. The process of laser hair removal is similar to this process. The laser can be absorbed by black substances. During hair removal, it is absorbed by our black hair. After absorption, it will release heat. This heat diffuses around, burning the whole hair follicle and completely destroying it. The depilation effect is generally good and permanent.

Will the laser destroy other structures of the skin?

With laser hair removal, there is no need to worry about damaging other skin structures except hair follicles, because the current laser technology can accurately control the range of heat diffusion by using the extended selective photothermal action principle, just so as to completely “burn off” the hair follicles, while the surrounding skin is completely undamaged and has high safety.

Can depilation be cleaned at one time?

I’m sorry to tell you that I can’t. Because our hair has a growth cycle, which is divided into growth period, regression period and rest period. Only after the laser is absorbed by the growing hair can the hair follicles be completely destroyed, while the long-term hair accounts for only 85%, and the rest is in the “hibernation” state, that is, the degenerative period and the resting period. After a depilation, after a few weeks and months, most of the remaining hair will also enter the growth period. At this time, they can be removed by treatment again. Therefore, laser hair removal generally needs 3 ~ 5 times of treatment in order to get clean.

Does depilation affect sweating?

Hair follicles and sweat glands are independent of each other, so laser hair removal will not affect sweating at all.

Finally, I would like to remind readers who want hair removal that although laser hair removal is safe and effective, it may also have side effects, which is related to the equipment of laser hair removal and the operation of doctors. It is suggested to go to a regular hospital to choose an appropriate hair removal laser in order to finally get smooth and graceful skin.

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