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Why do some girls have a lot of hair? Helpless: it may be related to these three reasons

Summer has come, and many women are wearing more and more cool and beautiful clothes. But many people will have such an embarrassing problem, that is, there are many hairs. In order to cover up, they have to wear long sleeved trousers, which is both hot and ugly. So why are girls hairy? What about hairy girls? Next, let’s take a look.

Why are girls hairy?

  1. Hormonal factors

The reason why women are lighter than men is that women’s androgen is relatively low. However, with the development of society, whether in terms of food or environmental pollution, the male hormone in women will also increase, which will lead to the thick hair on some women.

  1. Genetic factors

In fact, the weight of girls’ body hair is also related to genetic factors. If the hair of immediate relatives in the family is very heavy, especially female relatives, such as the mother’s hair, then the daughter’s hair will be more likely to be heavy. Some women have strong body hair because of gene mutations.

  1. Wrong depilation technique

Some women didn’t have very heavy hair, but in order to make their skin more smooth, white and tender, they took the method of depilation. In fact, there are many depilation methods, but if you choose the wrong depilation method, such as using scissors or some irritating depilation cream to depilate, it will lead to more and more dense, thicker and longer hair.

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