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What skin problems can laser beauty treat?

In recent years, laser cosmetology is a new non-surgical cosmetology method. Laser has many characteristics, such as high energy, specific direction and penetration. It can produce high heat in the local part of human tissue, so as to remove or destroy the target tissue.

With the development and popularization of laser beauty, beauty lovers have found the secret of solving skin problems with half the effort.

Why can laser be used for beauty?

As early as 1917, the great scientist Einstein established the laser theory, but it was not until 1960 that the world’s first laser, ruby laser, came out.

In the 1980s, laser technology has been relatively mature for research, diagnosis and treatment of diseases and skin beauty treatment, and has formed a large professional team, which is one of the important symbols of the formation of laser medicine. Up to now, laser cosmetology has taken the lead in the whole laser therapy.

The application of laser in medical cosmetology mainly depends on its energy and penetration. Specific body surface lesions can absorb specific wavelengths of laser and destroy the lesions through energy. Different lesion depths require different wavelengths of laser to reach. The shorter the wavelength of the laser, the stronger the penetration, and the deeper the skin. The darker the color of the lesion, the longer the wavelength of the laser that can be absorbed.

What skin problems can laser solve?

  1. Freckle removal – freckles, age spots, etc

Spot removal is actually the largest field of laser treatment. It can play a good role in most skin surface spots, such as nevus of Ota, freckles, chloasma, senile spots, tattoos, etc. Its principle is to use the energy of laser to destroy the pigment and make it decompose and absorb.

  1. Treatment of hyperemia – telangiectasia, redness

Telangiectasia is more common in patients with fair skin. Laser uses its photothermal effect to seal blood vessels to achieve therapeutic effect. The so-called “laser redness” mainly refers to the application of laser in vascular skin diseases. In fact, vascular skin diseases are very common, including the commonly known “red birthmark”, “red two groups” and various common hemangiomas in infants and young children.

Laser treatment of vascular dermatosis uses oxyhemoglobin to selectively absorb a certain wavelength of laser, which leads to the high destruction of vascular tissue. It has high accuracy and an integrity, and will not affect the surrounding adjacent tissues.

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