ipl laser hair removal machine

What should we pay attention to before laser hair removal?

Do not use depilatory cream, depilatory cream and other cosmetics within 1 month before depilation.

When the laser passes through the skin, it has a certain warm feeling, which is a normal phenomenon. If there is no feeling at all, it means that the energy of the laser is not enough and needs to be readjusted. Therefore, during treatment, tell the doctor the feeling of treatment, which is conducive to the doctor to determine and set various laser treatment parameters according to your specific situation, so as to obtain satisfactory treatment effect. For particularly sensitive people, doctors will selectively use a little surface anesthetic, and those seeking beauty can complete hair removal in pleasure.

After depilation, the doctor will cold compress the depilation place for 10-15 minutes. The depilation place should avoid exposure to the sun.

Laser hair removal can be carried out in any season. If you want to wear a short skirt or sleeveless shirt in summer and don’t want those annoying hair to embarrass you, you should start hair removal treatment in winter or spring.

A course of laser hair removal takes about 4 times and takes about 4 months to complete. If you start in winter, you can basically end the treatment in summer.

The harm of laser hair removal is actually its side effect. First, there will be pain. Because laser is a kind of energy and heat energy, the skin will be painful. If the energy is too high or the patient’s constitution is sensitive, blisters and erythema may occur. If the blister is relatively large, there is a risk of scar. If you are allergic to light, the reaction will be more severe. Generally, if you are allergic to light, it is not recommended to do it. More hazards or side effects are not common in clinic. Relatively speaking, it is a relatively safe treatment method, and the probability of causing scar is very small. Because I have been a doctor for so many years and have been doing laser for more than ten years. I have not seen the scar caused by laser hair removal. Occasionally, there are very few erythema and blisters.

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