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What sequelae does laser depilation have?

For patients with more body hair affecting the appearance, freezing point laser hair removal treatment can be selected. The common adverse reactions after laser hair removal include erythema edema or pigmentation. The possibility of scar is very low, so its harm to the body is very low and the treatment is relatively safe. Freezing point laser can selectively act on hair follicles and generally will not damage the skin and its sweat gland tissue. Because hair has a growth cycle, laser treatment is mainly aimed at hair follicles in the growth period, so it generally needs to be treated for about five times to achieve the purpose of permanent hair removal.

Laser hair removal can be divided into physiological and pathological hair removal. Usually, laser hair removal is mainly aimed at physiological hairy patients. For example, young female patients have high requirements for beauty, so this operation can be used to remove excess hair. Laser hair removal uses laser energy to act on the skin and target the melanin acting on the root of hair stem. After absorbing energy, melanin transfers heat to the periphery of hair follicle to destroy hair follicle and finally hair removal. The operation belongs to a non-invasive project. Regular laser equipment and professional doctors are selected for operation to clarify nursing knowledge and avoid harm. If the operation is not performed according to the above requirements, postoperative erythema and blisters may occur.

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