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What is the difference between laser hair removal and photon hair removal?

The principle and operation method of laser and photon hair removal are similar. They both use the heat energy of the light source to destroy the hair follicle to achieve the effect of permanent hair removal. The function of depilation is permanent, and the hair root solidifies and necrosis due to heat, so as to achieve the purpose of permanent depilation. Depilation parts include: lip hair, hairline, beard, axillary hair, bikini area, limb body hair and other parts with increased hair. Hair removal treatment is non-invasive, safe and reliable, does not affect sweat gland secretion, does not affect work and study, and goes with treatment. “My legs are very hairy. I have used many hair removal products, but they all fall off and grow back. I have suffered a lot of pain. Is laser really permanent hair removal? Will it hurt my skin?”

The skin is like a piece of transparent cellophane. The hair follicle is the growth center of hair, in which there are a lot of melanin. When irradiated by laser, it can directly detonate the pigment in the hair follicle through the skin, so as to destroy the function of hair follicle, and the natural body hair will not grow. Laser only affects melanin in hair follicles, but there is no melanin in sweat glands, so it will not be damaged. There is no need to worry about other physiological functions of the skin, such as perspiration, temperature regulation, sensory function, etc. In addition, there are certain differences in the growth cycle and depth of different parts of hair, and the treatment times will also be different. There are three stages of hair growth: growth stage, quiescent stage and degenerative stage. At ordinary times, only part of the hair of the body is in the growth period, so laser and photon hair removal treatment can not be successful at one time. Generally, it takes many times of treatment to achieve the ideal effect. The interval between two treatments depends on the location, usually one to three months.

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