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What are the precautions for laser hair removal?

At present, laser hair removal is commonly used, such as 808 freezing point hair removal and photon hair removal. 808 freezing point depilation is relatively more used. There are precautions before and after the operation. Before the operation or before laser hair removal, the beauty is required to remove the local parts that need hair removal. The removal is relatively clean, so as to achieve better results when doing laser and photon hair removal. Because whether it is from the freezing point of 808 or photon hair removal, the ultimate goal is to make the hair follicle play a destructive role and prevent the hair from growing again.

Laser hair removal will not completely destroy these hair follicles. Before operation, it is required to remove the hair locally to make the laser part clean. After laser or photon, individual beauty seekers may have local redness, light erythema, or mild redness and swelling, which requires cold compress for about half an hour. After cold compress, according to the specific situation, you can also apply a little anti-inflammatory or anti allergy ointment locally and spray soothing liquid. After laser, most people have no obvious abnormal feeling and have no impact on their daily work and life. Photon hair removal and laser hair removal are very popular in the past two years. After laser hair removal or photon hair removal, slight erythema, mild pain or itching will appear locally, which is a transient reaction. Remember to take a hot bath or grab your hands, which may aggravate the reaction and aggravate local inflammation and infection. Do not scratch the local area, which will be relieved in a day.

After laser or photon hair removal, under normal circumstances, you only need to pay attention to two points. The first aspect is sunscreen. Whether laser hair removal or photon hair removal, they are very sensitive to the sun. They should be strictly sunscreen during treatment. It is best not to be directly exposed to the sun. The second aspect is moisturizing and proper skin care. Whether it is laser or photon hair removal, just after it is finished, the skin is often dry at the beginning and has a certain sensitivity to the surrounding environment. At this time, we should pay more attention to the moisturizing of hair removal parts. Generally, we can use ordinary moisturizing cream or moisturizing lotion. On the other hand, there are some abnormal conditions, such as blisters, burns, or scars, which need to be handled by professional doctors.

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