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What are the disadvantages of laser hair removal? Are you afraid of the three disadvantages of laser hair removal

Core tip: laser hair removal is no stranger, especially for beautiful female friends, many want to get rid of their hair by laser hair removal, but many women are worried that laser hair removal will do some harm, so they dare not go to the hospital for laser hair removal. Laser hair removal will bring some help to female friends, but also some side effects. The more common hazards are: damaging hair follicles, affecting sweating function, pigmentation and so on.

With the continuous progress of science, laser hair removal is more common in our life. Especially before the advent of summer, more and more female friends choose laser hair removal. Laser hair removal will make female friends beautiful and enhance their self-confidence. But many female friends worry that laser hair removal will bring some side effects to the body. So what are the disadvantages of laser hair removal? I believe it’s also what women want to know. Here’s a detailed introduction:

  1. Damage to hair follicles: Generally speaking, laser hair removal will not cause great damage to the skin, but due to the direct effect of hot light on the deep layer of the skin, it will cause certain damage to hair follicles, and some patients will even have local edema and slight redness. Usually, this reaction disappears within a day.
  2. Affect the perspiration function: as we all know, the sweat hair on the body can play the role of perspiration, but if you take off the sweat hair, it will undoubtedly affect its perspiration function, especially in the hot summer, it will make people feel particularly hot. Therefore, laser hair removal will have a certain impact on the normal perspiration function of skin pores.
  3. Pigmentation: due to different personal physique, some patients will have blisters, purpura and temporary pigmentation after laser hair removal. This is mainly because everyone’s skin tolerance is different, and there will be different symptoms. Generally speaking, this situation will recover in a period of time after operation.

The above is a brief introduction of “what are the disadvantages of laser hair removal”, hoping to help you. Although laser hair removal has the functions of fast and permanent, there will be different hazards in the process of hair removal. The more common ones are: hurting hair follicles, affecting perspiration function and pigmentation. If you want to have a better effect of hair removal, it is recommended to choose a formal beauty hospital, so that the curative effect and effect can be guaranteed. Do not believe in false publicity, which may cause great damage to the skin.