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What are the benefits of “vigorous hair” in these four parts of women? Maybe many people don’t know yet

Male body hair can be said to be masculine, but if female body hair is strong, it will be very annoying. Even in the hot season, they dare not wear short sleeves. They are often ridiculed by their boyfriends as hairy monkeys. They can’t even stop their legs from running out with silk stockings. They are really helpless.

Sometimes I really envy women with less body hair. Their skin is smooth and can be exposed if they want.

At this time, girls with more body hair often shave off their body hair. In fact, if women have thick body hair, it also shows that they are still relatively healthy. Let’s see.

01 what benefits will this hairy woman reap?

★ hair

Every woman wants to have a beautiful black hair, which can make all kinds of beautiful hairstyles and improve her temperament and appearance.

If a woman has thick hair, it means that she has sufficient blood and healthy kidneys. However, if the hair often falls off, dry and irritable, it indicates that women have insufficient Qi and blood and low immunity. At this time, we should eat more nourishing food to supplement qi and blood.

★ eyelashes

As the saying goes: the eye is the window of the soul. To observe whether a person has spirit, we should first look at her eyes. At this time, eyelashes play a vital role.

Thick eyelashes will make the eyes brighter and have the effect of big eyes. If the eyelashes are curved and curly, they will look particularly cute and the eyes will talk.

In addition, eyelashes can also prevent dust from entering the eyes and protect eye health, so girls with long eyelashes will have more advantages.

★ axillary hair

If the color of female axillary hair looks particularly dense, it indicates that the axillary sebaceous gland system is particularly developed and the metabolism rate of axillary sebaceous gland is also very good.

Axillary hair can detoxify in the process of sweat metabolism and help women sweat in hot summer.

If the hair under the armpit is very strong, it can also help women maintain the skin under the armpit and prevent the friction damage of the skin under the armpit.

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