Imprint of blain pit, blain blain, gold radio frequency microneedle, fruit acid grind skin and dot array laser grind skin which effect is better?

  Acne marks are usually caused by infection, inflammation or external stress. Severe acne marks are mostly self-itchy. Without timely treatment, inflammation of skin cells leads to local necrosis and liquefaction of skin tissues, resulting in subcutaneous tissue defects, scars, acne marks. The deeper the inflamed area, the more skin tissue is destroyed. Except for proper treatment and care, do not squeeze hands when redness and inflammation occur.

  In addition to severe pimple pits, pimple marks are a type of pimple muscle, including black pimple marks, red pimple marks, concave pimple marks, and hypertrophic scars.

  Black blain blain is the pigment deposit after blain blain inflammation, can leave black, dirty, dirty color in the long place than red blain blain, make the skin becomes dim without light, these black can disappear by oneself slowly as the elapse of time actually. It’s a temporary fake scar, not a real one.

  Red marks and spots are caused by inflammation of cells and dilation of blood vessels in the area where a pimple first grows. After the pimple disappears, blood vessels do not immediately congeal, forming temporary red spots. The skin turns red as it warms or moves. The red spot is not a scar and will fade within six months.

  Cavity marks and scars are caused by too much inflammation and too much collagen in a pimple, which damages the dermis, which collapses and leaves a cavity. Once a cavity is created, it doesn’t go away. Fruit acid peeling and dot array laser are effective.

  Hyperplastic scars, acne marks are usually determined by congenital constitution, difficult to treat, easy to relapse. This is the opposite of a concave scar. It’s a thick scar that leaves a distinct red bump where the pimple has broken out. It looks red and swollen, and can grow from scratching or external stimuli. People with hyperactive dermal fibroblasts tend to produce them, which ordinary skin care products can’t solve. Dot array laser can smooth hypertrophic scar.

  It takes 1 to 2 years for the acid to repair the acne muscle naturally. Skin care products containing salicylic acid, malenic acid and fruit acid can accelerate skin metabolism and quickly eliminate acne marks. But this is a gradual process, with different concentrations and ingredients, the effect naturally varies, and not all fruit acids can be used to remove acne marks. If you don’t do it right, you risk a bad face.

  Gold radiofrequency microneedle is specially designed for acne marks, acne skin, acne scar, facial telangiectasia, stretch marks, pores, folliculitis, uneven skin color skin problems. The gold rf microneedle combines the minimally invasive and rf functions of the microneedle. Different depths can be adjusted by using the rf probe technology of the microneedle. Penetrate the dermis and release radiofrequency energy. This heat is only released at the bottom tip without heating the epidermis, which can safely, accurately, evenly and effectively heat the collagen in the deep dermis and promote the degeneration, reorganization and solidification of collagen. The micro-invasive stimulation caused by microneedles stimulates a variety of activators to make the skin from epidermis to deep fascia, achieving the effect of skin regeneration, firming and lifting, thinning wrinkles and reshaping facial contour. Gold rf micro needle improve blain to imprint time (time) in 0.4 seconds, micro needle mechanical stimulation, combined with rf produce biological effects and thermal stimulation, stimulate the skin repair system, inhibit inflammation, promote metabolism, improve microcirculation, start the collagen and elastic fiber subcutaneous tissue regeneration and rearrangement. Can effectively remove acne marks in acne pits.

  Carbon dioxide lattice lasers, which emit laser light by scanning lattice, form a burning zone composed of laser lattice and spacer on the skin. Each laser point is composed of one or more high-energy laser pulses, which can directly penetrate the dermis, instantly vaporize the scar tissue and stimulate collagen proliferation, thus initiating a series of skin reactions such as tissue repair and collagen rearrange. Carbon dioxide laser is mainly used to improve dermatology, gynecology and other problems. Improved by cutting, burning, carbonization, gasification and hemostasis. Remove wrinkle acne remove scar, postoperative scar, trauma scar effect is obvious. For acne pits, gold rf microneedles are superior.

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