Is the “microneedle” really useful?

  Arrive autumn winter, feel pore is bulky, blackhead acne all came out, skin condition is particularly bad, feel again beautiful new clothes also cannot good-looking.

  One of my sisters recommended me to have a microneedle. They are said to be effective for all kinds of skin problems. Now Shaw will give you a general idea of the microneedle.

  Microneedles use many tiny needles on a microneedle roller to stimulate the skin. In a short time, microneedles can make more than 200,000 tiny tubes. According to the data of “Sinomei OK_ walk in the forefront of medical cosmetology”, microneedle cosmetology can effectively penetrate the active ingredients into the skin, with wrinkle removal, whitening, repair, scar removal and other special products, can fade wrinkles, treat scars and stretch marks, whiten skin, fade spots, improve skin.

  Some friends also ask: I just need to buy more good skin care products. Why do we do microneedles? Shaw will answer your questions.

  The skin is made up of epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous tissue.

  It is the outermost layer of skin, about 0.2 mm thick on average, and resists friction, prevents fluid leakage, and prevents water, electrolytes and chemicals from entering.

  The physiological structure and function of the skin determine that ordinary skin care products cannot penetrate below the epidermis. Skin problems such as acne pits are rooted in the dermis.

  Therefore, do not believe the so-called so-and-so skin care products can improve the theory of acne pit. A few bottles of Lancome Black /SKII spunk-water won’t turn your moonface into egg muscles.

  What is the function of microneedles?

  1. The acne

  Because microneedles Pierce the skin, they first give the skin an external stimulus that stimulates its healing ability. At the same time, the product with anti-inflammatory function enters deep skin through the small channel made of microneedle to achieve the purpose of acne removal.

  2, acne pit scar

  When the microneedle penetrates the dermis, the punctured local skin will begin to repair the damage. With drugs that promote tissue repair, the callus multiplies and new tissue slowly fills in the dent. However, we need to adhere to multiple treatments to get good results.

  3. Remove fine lines

  It’s ok to remove dry lines, but not dynamic wrinkles. After the skin is broken by micro acupuncture, use moisturizing products, such as hyaluronic acid. Usually hyaluronic acid is difficult to penetrate deep into the skin due to its large molecular size, but when the skin is punctured by microneedles, hyaluronic acid can enter the skin along the microneedle puncture channel, which can improve the problem of dry skin.

  Or fine lines caused by lack of elasticity in the skin can be fixed with microneedles. After all, acupuncture breaks the skin and stimulates collagen regeneration, making the skin younger during the healing process.

  4. Soothe sensitive muscles.

  Some sensitive skin, especially want to thicken the skin barrier, thicken the damaged cuticle. Microneedles can also do this, but in conjunction with products that promote skin tissue growth, such as EGF(epidermal growth factor). Because the cuticle changes when epidermal cells die, it thickens with microne stimulation and careful care, and thickens when the skin metabolic cycle is over.

  As mentioned above, microneedles are easy to operate, so can you choose to have them done at home? Although many people will tell you it works and there are successful cases, I don’t recommend it because it’s still too risky.

  First of all, in terms of disinfection, regular hospitals usually use autoclave sterilization and ultraviolet disinfection. If they operate from home, bloggers sterilize them with alcohol. Obviously, this kind of sterilization condition is not enough, as students of medicine or biology know. Aseptic procedures need to be very strict.

  Second, the operation requires professional judgment. For example, what type of microneedle is used? What is the penetration depth of the microneedle? How much does the area of microneedle wound have? Shall I take anaesthetic? I believe that most people who do it at home have difficulty controlling the operation (many bloggers who do it at home have blood stains on their faces), and the subsequent skin management and product use need to consult a professional.

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