ipl laser hair removal machine

What are the common laser beauty instruments in beauty salons?

  With the improvement of people’s consumption level, the public’s beauty awareness is getting stronger and stronger, more and more people are beginning to pay attention to facial skin problems, and the beauty industry has become a major consumer hotspot. In recent years, with the rapid development of laser beauty technology, safe and fast laser beauty equipment can significantly meet the needs of consumers and attract a large number of potential consumer groups. What are the common laser beauty equipment?

  1. Picosecond laser beauty instrument

  Picosecond laser irradiates the skin surface with a certain wavelength of laser light. The pulse width of this laser is picoseconds, and the target area is the pigment spots on the skin surface. Targeting the pigment particles on the skin surface, it destroys the melanin particles through high energy to achieve the purpose of diminishing the spots. Picosecond lasers are widely used. Some patients with skin rejuvenation and freckles use picosecond lasers. The picosecond laser freckle removal effect is very significant, because the target area is the pigment particles or pigment cells in the skin, and the damaged area is the pigment particles, so there will be no scars after treatment.

  2. Dot matrix laser beauty instrument

  Laser lattice can effectively stimulate and induce collagen recombination and regeneration, which helps to improve skin quality; compared with traditional laser treatment, lattice laser is widely used in clinical practice. It can be used to treat skin problems such as acne marks, fine lines, skin aging, chloasma, coffee spots, enlarged pores, and dull spots. Especially for acne. The effect of the fractional laser usually lasts for about a year. This method is easily accepted. There is only slight pain during treatment, and topical anesthetic ointment can relieve or even eliminate the pain during treatment. After treatment, no or only a short rest. The skin pores are difficult to see with the naked eye, so it does not affect the appearance, and there are few exudates, bleeding and infections. Can be used for full face treatment.

  3, 808 semiconductor laser hair removal device

  808 semiconductor laser hair removal uses red light with a wavelength of 808nm, which is energy-saving for the laser skin and directly reaches the depth of the target tissue. According to the principle of selective photothermal action of melanin, the pulse duration of the substance ensures that the target tissue absorbs a sufficient amount, and the target tissue is destroyed by energy-energy conversion in the form of heat. The proper energy-energy density ensures that sufficient thermal damage is provided to destroy the target tissue within the proper pulse duration, while the surrounding tissue does not contain pigments, cannot absorb energy, cannot be thermally transformed, and is hardly heated.

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