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Laser hair removal is divided into several common methods of laser hair removal. Core tips: women who love beauty want to wear beautiful

short skirts, but women born with heavy body hair are embarrassed to wear short skirts, so many women will choose laser hair removal to permanently remove body hair. At present, there are two most used laser hair removal methods, one is strong pulse laser hair removal, and the other is freezing point painless hair removal. These two laser hair removal technologies are very mature and are the first choice for women.

Beauty is a woman’s nature. Now women pay more and more attention to image. They not only care about their face and skin, but also are keen on beauty and body. Summer is coming soon. Many women dare not wear short skirts and half legged pants because they have more hair on their legs. Wearing these clothes will expose the sweat on their legs, which is very ugly. In order to remove these hairs, most female friends will choose laser hair removal. What are the methods of laser hair removal?

At present, laser hair removal surgery can be roughly divided into two types:

The first is a new type of powerful pulsed laser hair removal, also known as photon hair removal. It is a widely used laser hair removal method. This new type of laser hair removal is mainly determined according to the patient’s skin characteristics. Generally, set a safe light wave wavelength at the part that needs hair removal to track the dark brown hair follicle, and then vaporize the hair nipple through the laser to achieve the purpose of permanent hair removal. This laser hair removal method can remove multiple hair follicles at one time, wither the hair follicles and permanently stop the growth of body hair.

The second is freezing point painless hair removal. It is an advanced laser hair removal method at present, which mainly uses Felton freezing point semiconductor laser hair removal instrument. The laser generated by the laser hair removal instrument has a certain amount of heat, which can instantly penetrate the skin surface and make the hair follicle inactive, so as to achieve the purpose of permanent hair removal.

At present, laser hair removal has become the mainstream trend of female hair removal, and the technology is very mature. The above two laser hair removal methods can achieve the effect of permanent hair removal, but it should be noted that any laser hair removal method can not achieve all hair removal at one time. It needs to be carried out several times to achieve the ideal permanent hair removal effect.

Women in real life want to become more and more beautiful. If they have hair on their legs or armpits, their clothes will be limited. Many beautiful skirts will not be beautiful. Therefore, choosing laser hair removal and permanent elimination of body hair can completely get rid of these embarrassments. You can also wear all kinds of beautiful clothes in summer to make yourself beautiful forever.