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Will hair removal affect perspiration?

  Many people worry that hair removal will affect perspiration, but in fact this worry is unnecessary.

  Sweat comes from sweat glands, and hair comes from hair follicles. Sweat glands and hair follicles are independent. Even if the hair follicles are destroyed, people can still sweat normally.

  Some hair does have its meaning. For example, hair can help keep the head warm, eyebrows are important for expressing feelings, and nose hair can help stop some pathogens.

  However, the health effects of hair on arms, armpits, legs, fingers and lips are really small today. If you want to take it off, take it off boldly and welcome the summer in a refreshing way.

  Nowadays, home appliances are becoming more and more popular, and one device can be used by the whole family. It can be said that it is a very high-use thing.

  Miraie laser hair removal device is a good choice for choosing equipment.

  It is recommended to use the first and second gears for the first time, and try the larger ones later. The higher the level, the greater the energy. Girls with very sensitive skin may have a slight electrical sensation in big grades, but it really doesn’t hurt!

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