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Interpretation of the principle of laser hair removal

Laser hair removal, for women, may still have some doubts. What is laser hair removal and what is its principle?

Summer is coming. Many women who love beauty wear suspender skirts and super shorts to cool off in summer. But if there is too much hair, it will greatly reduce the image. What shall I do? Common hair removal methods will grow again after a period of time. Plastic experts recommend laser hair removal.

Definition of laser hair removal

Also known as laser hair removal. As the name suggests, it is a hair removal operation that destroys hair follicles by laser (laser light) irradiation, so as to achieve permanent hair removal effect.

Principle of laser hair removal

The depilation principle is based on the fact that the laser can penetrate the epidermis and enter the dermis, which is selectively absorbed by the melanin particles in the hair and hair follicle to produce photothermal effect. The heat energy in the hair can be transmitted to the surrounding, completely shrink the hair follicle and hair stem and produce permanent depilation. The other mouth straight around the hair follicle does not contain melanin particles, so it does not absorb this laser and will not damage the skin itself. Laser hair removal system is more thorough and difficult to regenerate. Its safety, effectiveness and convenience are recognized by people from all walks of life.

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