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How to take off lip hair? These methods have their own advantages and disadvantages

Some women become annoyed because of the long hair on their lips. The hair is rich and thick. It looks like a long beard from a distance, which makes women very embarrassed. The thick hair on the lips is caused by the excessive secretion of androgen. With the development of medicine, there are many ways to help remove the hair on the lips.

How to take off lip hair?

You can use a razor to shave off the hair on your lips, which is very simple and convenient, but you must be careful when shaving to prevent scratching the skin. The hair on the lips grows very fast. Using a razor can’t solve the problem at the root. You must adhere to scraping.

You can also use depilatory cream to depilate. Apply an appropriate amount of depilatory cream on the lip hair. The chemicals contained in it can dissolve the hair structure and fall off on the skin surface, which finally achieves the effect of depilation, but it is not suitable for women with sensitive skin and allergic constitution

The hair removal effect of electrotherapy is very significant, but a regular hospital must be selected, because anesthetics need to be injected before hair removal. The particularly thin thread is directly inserted into the hair root, and the hair follicle is directly damaged after turning on the power supply. In addition, laser hair removal is also a common method, which can destroy the hair follicles of lip hair and stop the shedding and growth of lip hair. This is permanent hair removal, but it needs many times of treatment to achieve the effect.

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