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How to depilate and clean four small methods to make annoying hair free

Core tip: in summer, if the body hair is serious, it will be particularly embarrassing and dare not wear exposed clothes. This introduces four methods of hair removal. You can use the graphite in the middle of the battery to apply it to the place with heavy hair. You can also use tweezers to pull them out one by one. You can apply lemon and hydrated lime, but everyone’s skin sensitivity is different. You should test your skin before using it.

Body hair can help our body sweat and keep warm. It can prevent dust from entering our body. Everyone will have some body hair more or less. A little body hair will not affect the beauty of our appearance, but it will also be beneficial to our body. However, some body hair is very strong. In summer, they dare not wear clothes that expose their body hair. They are afraid of exposing their body hair to the outside, so what is the way to permanently depilate? Now I will introduce four small methods of hair removal.

Method 1: Battery hair removal method: take out the graphite in the middle of the used battery, grind it into powder, and then apply it to the place where shaving is most vigorous. After five minutes, wash it clean, and you can completely remove body hair once a day.

Method 2: use tweezers to remove hair. Use tweezers to pull up the hair one by one. If it grows again, pull it out again and operate repeatedly for several times. Although the hair will grow again, it will be less and less. Because such repeated hair pulling will affect the foundation of body hair, so that it will gradually decrease.

Method 3: Lemon depilation method: squeeze the lemon into juice, soak the whole lemon juice with a clean towel, and then apply it on the vigorous part of shaving for about 10 minutes, once a day, which can not only permanently depilate, but also whiten our skin and make the skin more smooth. This method is to use the acidity of lemon to stimulate the root of hair and hinder its growth.

Method 4: hydrated lime depilation method after putting hydrated lime into water, apply it to the place with strong hair for about five minutes and wash it clean. This method belongs to chemical depilation.

The above four are the permanent hair removal methods I introduced to you. Let’s have a try. However, these are some folk methods after all. Everyone’s constitution is different, and these methods are not applicable to everyone. Before using them, we need to test the sensitivity of our skin to prevent adverse reactions, which can better facilitate our healthy hair removal.