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How much is permanent laser depilation? Why is permanent laser depilation so expensive

Core tip: I believe you are no stranger to permanent laser hair removal surgery. Through this surgery, you can completely get rid of the trouble of hair. Many friends will consult about the cost before hair removal surgery. Generally speaking, the cost of laser hair removal surgery hovers between hundreds and thousands. The difficulty of surgery, the number of operations and the choice of hospital will affect the cost.

Permanent laser depilation is a kind of depilation. It mainly penetrates the skin surface through the laser, and then directly destroys the hair follicle, so that the hair does not grow, and finally achieve a complete depilation effect. How much does permanent laser depilation cost? I believe many friends are curious about this. In fact, the cost of permanent laser hair removal is affected by many factors, such as the location, area and scale of the hospital.

How much does permanent laser depilation cost?

Generally speaking, the cost hovers between 500 and 2000. Different price levels in different regions will lead to certain differences in the cost of laser hair removal. In addition, the different parts, times and instruments and equipment of hair removal will also affect the final cost.

Why is permanent laser hair removal so expensive?

1、 Good effect and once and for all: Generally speaking, laser hair removal can achieve a permanent hair removal effect as long as it is repeated three to five times. Compared with the conventional hair removal method, it can undoubtedly save patients a lot of unnecessary trouble, which is also one of its more expensive methods.

2、 Simple and convenient, no pain and no side effects: permanent laser hair removal surgery directly destroys hair follicles through laser. The operation is simple and convenient, does not need to be hospitalized, does not feel pain, and will not hurt the surface skin, so the cost is relatively high.

3、 The treatment cycle is relatively long: due to the growth of human hair, it is impossible to completely remove the hair at one time. It often needs to be treated repeatedly for three to five times to achieve the ideal surgical effect, which will lead to a relatively high cost.

How much does permanent laser depilation cost? Why is permanent laser hair removal so expensive? I believe that through this article, we have found the answers to these two questions. The cost of permanent laser hair removal surgery is between hundreds and thousands, so it is difficult to use a specific number for your reference. It is suggested that you communicate in detail with the doctor before hair removal surgery to confirm the specific cost.