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How many years can laser depilation last?

Laser hair removal uses the selective photothermal effect of laser to instantly destroy hair follicles and inhibit hair growth, which can usually be maintained permanently.

But there are two points that should be noted. First, laser hair removal treatment needs to be done many times, generally 3-5 times to achieve the effect of permanent hair removal. Second, permanent depilation does not mean that there is no hair on the skin. The current laser technology can not reach the absolute hair state, and can only remove more than 90% of the hair. After completion, there will be fine and soft small villi, which is also an ideal treatment result.

Hair follicles have different growth cycles, including growth period, quiescent period and dormant period. Laser hair removal can only affect hair follicles in growth period, but can not affect hair follicles in rest period. Therefore, one laser treatment is difficult to achieve permanent hair removal effect, which needs to be carried out several times.

The interval of laser hair removal is generally 1-1.5 months. The hair density of various parts of the body is different, and the times of hair removal treatment are also different. Axillary hair removal generally takes 5 times to achieve a more ideal state. Hair growth in some parts is regulated by hormone levels, such as beard and pubic hair, which may grow after treatment, with some deviation in the effect.

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