How is laser hair removal carried out?

The skin of human body is a relatively transparent structure. In front of powerful laser, the skin is just a piece of transparent cellophane. Therefore, the laser can pass through the skin very smoothly and reach the hair follicle (the part where the hair grows). Because there is a lot of melanin in the hair follicle, it can first absorb a large amount of laser energy and finally convert it into heat energy to raise the temperature of the hair follicle, Achieve the purpose of destroying hair follicle function.

In this process, because the skin does not absorb laser energy or absorbs a small amount of laser energy, there will be no damage to the skin itself. In addition, the laser treatment head is equipped with a cooling device to protect the skin, so the skin will not be damaged during hair removal treatment, so there will be no abnormal pigment or scar reaction.

There are three periods of hair growth: growth period, stationary period and degenerative period. Only when the hair follicle is in the growth period will there be a large number of pigment particles in the hair follicle and absorb a large amount of laser energy. Therefore, the laser can remove the hair in the growth period, while there are relatively few hair pigments in the degenerative and stationary periods, so the therapeutic effect of laser is relatively weak. For this part of hair, laser removal can only be carried out after they slowly change to the growth period. Therefore, laser hair removal treatment can not be successful at one time. It usually needs multiple continuous laser irradiation to achieve the ideal effect.

In addition, the regeneration function of hair follicles is very powerful. One laser irradiation can only temporarily stop the growth of hair follicles or seriously weaken their normal function, rather than destroy hair follicles. If the treatment interval is too long, the hair follicles will have enough time to restore their growth function, which is also the reason why hair removal needs to be repeated for many times, To achieve the ideal therapeutic effect, it is necessary to accumulate the therapeutic effect of multiple lasers on the hair follicles, and finally completely destroy the hair follicles and lose their growth function.

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