Can gold radiofrequency microneedles leave traces in acne pits?

  Gold rf microneedles combine rf and microneedle. By combining radiofrequency firming technology and skin rejuvenation with microneedle, the microneedle delivers radiofrequency energy to tissues at different depths of the skin, stimulates and induces the splitting and regeneration of collagen and elastic fibers, and softens acne marks from the source, which is deeply loved by stars and skin care bloggers.

  However, many people are skeptical because gold radiofrequency microneedles are used to treat deep skin through microneedles. Can the cut that gold radio frequency micro needle causes leave mark after blain blain imprint? How many times does it work? How to choose a brand? Let’s look at them one by one!

  Can gold radiofrequency microneedles leave traces in acne pits?

  Gold rf microneedles can control the depth of rf energy as needed to make rf energy more focused and accurate, and then gold on the microneedles, because gold is insulated, avoiding rf energy on the skin surface stimulation and damage. There will be redness and swelling after treatment, but there will be no blood spots on the skin surface. Under normal circumstances, there is no scab, dull color or scar, which can be considered a true minimally invasive surgery.

  How many times does gold radiofrequency microneedle need to remove acne pit acne print?

  There is no way to put a definite number on this question. Generally 3-5 times of treatment is needed, but the specific situation should be analyzed, because each person’s skin condition and the severity of acne pit is different, the number of times needed is also different. This requires a detailed skin test and then a course of treatment tailored to your skin condition. After a course of treatment, you will find that your skin will improve and the marks will gradually disappear.

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