How long can I see the effect after microneedling?

  How long does it take for the scabs of the rf needling machine to recover? How long does it take to see the effect after microneedling? This is sour and refreshing. I can’t believe it~ How long does the microneedling scab recover? How long will the effect be seen after the microneedle? In the microneedle scab recovery cycle, because the skin needs a month to repair itself, so the microneedle will not See the effect immediately. Acupuncture can use many tiny needles on the microneedle roller to stimulate the skin, and achieve the purpose of beauty by stimulating the regeneration of collagen. At this time, the cells in the skin are produced (too much) so that the cells repair themselves. Through the process of cell self-repair, the skin can show vitality from the inside, making the cells in the skin more elastic. Everyone’s physique is different. Some people have too few skin cells, which will slow down the process and affect the effect of microneedles. Although secret rf fractional microneedle has a slow onset time, it can improve skin problems from the root. If properly maintained, the effect can be maintained for a long time.

  How does microneedle work?

  1. In fact, the professional microneedling machine was originally used in the field of medical beauty. Suppose that our skin needs local treatment: if it is oral medication, it will be useless to achieve skin effect after the liver’s first pass effect, and if it is intravenous medication, it will cause unnecessary burden to the body after entering the blood. Therefore, smart dermatologists have developed the “microneedle transdermal drug delivery” technology, which is to improve the transdermal absorption of macromolecular drugs through painless pore-forming treatment on the skin, which is very convenient and has little damage to the skin.

  2. When the microneedles are damaged and stretched through the channel, traumatic inflammation will occur, combined with (produced) nutrients, and new cells will appear locally. Fibroblasts can synthesize procollagen and aminopolysaccharides, and the collagen fibers in the tissues gradually increase, and the hardness and tensile strength also increase accordingly. The scaffold is connected between the broken tissues. At the same time, epithelial cells proliferate inward from the edge of the wound, and myofibroblasts can shrink the circumference of the edge of the wound (wound contraction), so that the wound tends to heal.

  After thermage radio frequency machine damages the skin, the integrity of the tissue is destroyed, the plasma membrane is ruptured, and the contents are released. The release of the contents causes inflammation of surrounding cells, such as redness and swelling. Therefore, these are some side effects in the process of cell necrosis. It was discovered in 1972 that during the process of cell necrosis, cells can be repaired, damaged cells can be restored to a complete cell structure, and cells that need to be renewed can carry out life activities. (Generation) Reversal of irreversible skin problems (heat loss, surgical trauma, internal injury, etc.) after skin injury. ) Through the natural protection mechanism from the inside out.

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