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Five hair removal methods in summer

Fortunately, you can control all kinds of clothes in summer without fear. Therefore, you can never weave all kinds of clothes without fear. However, other female friends are not like this, especially women with hirsutism. Summer is a nightmare for them. The following Xiaobian has sorted out five hair removal methods for you to see which one you are suitable for.

  1. Wool wax

This depilation method is more painful. You should finish it in one breath, otherwise you will have a sense of fear when you use it again for the second time. First of all, you should prepare your own hair removal wax, and then apply it evenly to the parts of the skin to be depilated after dissolving in water. In this way, you can remove large areas of hair. Even if the hair grows, it will be fine. However, if the hair is broken in this method, it will cause folliculitis.

  1. Depilatory cream

Depilatory cream is a kind of chemical substance that can make the hair disappear temporarily. It is only suitable for surface depilation. Principle: use the chemicals to dissolve the hair structure to achieve the purpose of hair removal. Usage: when in use, apply the depilatory cream evenly on the part to be depilated. After 5 ~ 10 minutes, the hair will soften and scrape it with a scraper. It is only suitable for people whose skin is not easy to be allergic. It is easy to repeat, and the body hair will regenerate continuously.

  1. Manual shaving

This hair removal method is temporary. Shaving on the skin surface with a blade is the same as manual shaving, but this method should be extra careful not to scratch the skin. However, a new type of shaver has emerged. The shaver can scrape the body hair along the fluctuation of the body surface and reduce the proportion of residue after hair removal. Shower before shaving to make your hair soft. Always check whether the razor is sharp to ensure that the hair is removed clean.

  1. Laser hair removal

Experts said that laser hair removal, in fact, through appropriate irradiation, allows the laser to go deep into the hair follicles, burn the hair roots, and then destroy the hair follicles, so as to achieve the purpose of no longer growing body hair. However, due to the strong regeneration ability of hair itself, and it is difficult to cover all body hair in one operation, a small part of hair follicles will become “fish out of the net”. To achieve the goal of completely smooth skin, it usually takes 4 ~ 5 courses of treatment.

  1. Depilator depilation

I believe this is no stranger to you. The hair remover is a small household appliance that has only appeared in recent years. Its hair removal effect is relatively good, but it will feel pain and burning. It adopts wheel clamping electric device. It is practical, fast and long-lasting. It can generally maintain a smooth and clean state for 2 ~ 3 weeks, and it is convenient to use. The only disadvantage is that although it has been improved many times, it still hurts a little when used. Hair removal target: different electric hair removers have different effects and knife heads, which can remove body hair in different parts. Fast and painless, easy to use. No side effects on the skin. Risk: improper use is easy to cause folliculitis.

The above are our most complete hair removal methods at present. Each hair removal method has its own advantages and disadvantages. Female friends who love beauty can choose the most suitable hair removal method according to their own hair condition. Otherwise, you have to endure physical pain and your hair is not clean.

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