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Does the body hair really shave more and more? Both men and women should probably understand

In this era when everyone loves beauty, both men and women pay great attention to their appearance. In such an environment, people always magnify their imperfections. We are always tangled that our hair is not soft enough, our skin is not white enough, our body is not slim enough, and the hair on our body is not good for our appearance. In fact, as long as you pay attention to maintenance, your hair can not only be shiny and supple, but also your skin can be soft and delicate. As long as you keep exercising, you can build up your body slowly.

There are many hair removal products on the market. How about their effect?

Hair removal cream

Hair is divided into hair stem and hair root. The working principle of depilatory cream is to melt the hair root with sparse acetic acid to make it fall off. Although this method is simple to use, after all, it uses chemicals to achieve the purpose of hair removal, which will cause a certain degree of damage to our skin. Although the effect of depilatory cream is very good, it is not recommended for our skin health.


Many people worry that depilatory cream will hurt the skin, and the scraper will make the hair grow longer and more, so they choose to use tweezers to pluck. In fact, this method is not advocated. Forceps pluck the hair from the skin, which is not only easy to cause hair follicle inflammation, but also a certain sense of pain. So try not to use tweezers when removing hair.

Laser hair removal

For people with very strong hair, it is difficult to achieve the ideal effect whether using depilatory cream, scraper or tweezers. At this time, you might as well try laser hair removal. This method is not only safe, but also can effectively inhibit hair growth. However, laser hair removal is not achieved overnight. For people with thick hair, it may take several times to remove hair.

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