Depilation no longer has to endure pain

Beautiful and smooth skin has always been the ultimate pursuit of beauty loving women. Wear short sleeves, small suspenders, skirts and swimsuits to “show”, but too much hair is really boring. “Freezing point depilation” suitable for Asian skin has attracted the attention of people with hair problems.

Three advantages and good results

According to plastic experts, the freezing point depilation system is known as the “gold standard” of depilation in the world for its three advantages: safe and painless, suitable for Asian skin and removal of fine and soft hair.

Safe and painless: “freezing point depilation” uses large spot laser during depilation, which reduces the pressure felt on the skin surface and greatly reduces the pain of beauty seekers. The contact cooling operation can cool the skin while depilating, which can avoid redness, swelling and burns.

Fine and soft hair can be removed better: Generally speaking, the darker and coarser the hair color, the better the depilation effect. On the contrary, soft and light fluff is more difficult to remove. “Freezing point depilation” comprehensively upgrades the pulse width, spot area and other equipment parameters, and even fine and soft hair can be removed one by one.

Suitable for Asian skin: “freezing point depilation” carries out revolutionary technical updates in photon pulse width and operating system, which is suitable for Asian yellow skin and the removal of fine and soft hair.

Unique cooling painless feeling

Miss Huang, who used to take off her lip hair with a laser, said: “although the effect of using a laser is also good, I’m afraid of the pain in the treatment process, so I don’t do it until I finish a course of treatment.”

Just finished “freezing point depilation”, she said that “freezing point depilation” has no tingling and needle pricking feeling at all. Lying there is like relaxing massage, comfortable and relaxed.

“You see, I only took about 10 minutes to take off my lip hair and front hairline this time. The doctor said that I could take it off again 2-3 times,” Miss Huang said while touching her forehead.

Plastic experts say that SHR freezing point hair removal technology reduces the heat energy of a single irradiation and increases the irradiation frequency, reduces the original 40 joules of heat energy each time to 10 joules that are difficult to detect by the skin, and increases the irradiation frequency at the same time of previous treatment, so as to achieve the same effect. Due to the low thermal energy of the treatment, there will be no burning and tingling.

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