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Can you really do permanent hair removal?

Now there are many depilation products and methods, such as Nian ox hair, and they all claim to be able to depilate permanently, but can they really depilate permanently? Let’s listen to experts

Every summer, countless mm want to wear suspender skirts and sleeveless shirts. However, looking at the thick body hair, many MM’s heart began to shake. Depilation has become their most arduous task. Although many products and laser beauty hospitals claim to be able to depilate permanently, can they really do it?

According to the introduction of plastic experts, the traditional depilation methods mainly include shaving, using depilation wax, depilation cream, etc. their main feature is that the operation method is simple and convenient. The disadvantage is that after depilation, the hair will grow quickly, which can not achieve the effect of permanent depilation at all. Moreover, the repeated stimulation of hair follicles by these depilation methods may make the hair grow thicker, or the local skin may have adverse reactions to chemical depilants.

The principle of laser hair removal is to selectively destroy hair follicles, which is less harmful to the skin. The operation procedure and time are controlled by computer, which has high accuracy and good safety. After partial depilation, the number of hair will be significantly reduced, most hair will no longer grow, and the remaining very small amount of hair will only be small fluff with very light color and very soft, so as to achieve the purpose of beauty. Therefore, “permanent depilation” is a relative concept. It does not mean that a hair does not grow after depilation, but that after depilation, local hair becomes sparse, light and soft.

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