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Can three-year-old children laser hair removal? Laser hair removal is suitable for age

Core tip: we now have higher and higher requirements for beauty, not only for our face, but also for our body. Therefore, many experts have developed a technology called laser hair removal for the beauty of young people, which is to shed our hair by laser in a way of laser, so as to make our body look more beautiful.

Everyone has a love of beauty. Many people choose to go to the hospital or beauty salon for laser hair removal for their physical beauty, that is, to let the body’s unsightly hair or unwanted hair fall off. This way of hair removal is carried out by a laser. Now this kind of laser hair removal is very popular in many beauty salons or hospitals, But how old is the laser hair removal method we use suitable for people and does it harm the human body? If a three-year-old child can have hair removal surgery? Now I’ll tell you.


Laser hair removal is divided into stages. Laser hair removal is carried out according to the growth stage of hair. Laser hair removal is divided into growth stage, dormancy stage and recession stage. Generally, it needs to be done three to four times to completely remove hair, and laser hair removal can only be carried out when you are over 18 years old, or laser hair removal can only be carried out when the physical environment is stable after hair growth and development.

Three year olds cannot depilate because the growth of hair in the body has not been fully developed and the internal environment of the body is uncertain. In this case, laser depilation will cause great harm to three-year-old children. Therefore, laser depilation can only be carried out after the age of 18 or when the body condition is stable after complete hair development.

Laser hair removal does no harm to human body, but it is not suitable for laser hair removal if women’s pubic skin is black. After laser hair removal, part of the hair on the skin has the possibility of regeneration, but the newly grown hair will become particularly thin and almost invisible, and different people will have different effects. Some patients grow hair once after 6 months, but others don’t grow hair again until 2 years later. So when we feel that some hair will affect our beauty, we can choose to depilate, but we also need to go to some formal beauty salons or hospitals for laser depilation.