What are the benefits and functions of CO2 laser?

  Fractional co2 laser machine is a very effective medical treatment. Many skin problems are now treated with CO2 laser. Compared with the traditional treatment of skin diseases, today we will talk to you about CO2 laser. What are the benefits and effects?

  co2 fractional laser machine is relatively mild, has mild skin reaction after treatment, and is safe and reliable. The whole treatment process is quick and simple, with little pain, and will not affect normal work and life after treatment. Beijing Hertz Medical Technology has recently introduced a CO2 laser treatment device with the domestic leading technology level, which brings good news to patients such as moles and warts. The dermatology department adopts individualized treatment measures for different patients, which can be treated in pulse mode or lattice mode to achieve the best curative effect.

  co2 fractional laser is mainly used for vaporization, carbonization, coagulation and irradiation of human tissues to achieve the purpose of treatment. During the treatment process, the machine can comprehensively perform the functions of vaporization, carbonization, solidification and irradiation by adjusting the intensity and time of the laser beam.

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