laser removal hair

Bright and clean skin “takes off”

In summer, if you want to wear sexy clothes and expose smooth skin, you should take off excess hair. Here is a good way to depilate.

In summer, there are many exposed parts of the body. If you don’t depilate, it means that the fashionable and beautiful suspender skirt and cool and sexy bikini will be out of reach. Hair removal has become an indispensable compulsory course for beautiful women in summer.

The spot of ice laser depilation is designed as a 9 mm square spot. When depilating a large area of skin, it not only has high efficiency and high speed, but also can eliminate the treatment overlapping dead zone formed by the traditional laser circular spot.

The hair removal process is very easy

Ice laser hair removal is not painful at all. In the laser room, the doctor first sprays the refrigerant on the part to be treated, and then aims the laser gun at the emission beam. The whole process takes only a few minutes, and there is almost no feeling. Generally, after 3-5 times of treatment, the troubles of arms, legs and armpits can be removed. The whole treatment process depends on the size and time of the removed part. For example, it takes only five minutes to remove the lip hair, five minutes to remove the axillary hair, and about 30 minutes to remove the two lower legs.

Due to the operation of experienced doctors and the fact that photons only shrink hair follicles, there will be no damage to the skin and no scar. Moreover, because sweat glands open directly to the skin and have nothing to do with hair follicles, photon hair removal does not affect perspiration. In addition, photon hair removal does not damage the hair follicle mouth, but removes the hair without affecting the normal sebum secretion and other functions.

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