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What sequelae does laser depilation have?

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For patients with more body hair affecting the appearance, freezing point laser hair removal treatment can be selected. The common adverse reactions after laser hair removal include erythema edema or pigmentation. The possibility of scar is very low, so its…

What are the precautions for laser hair removal?

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At present, laser hair removal is commonly used, such as 808 freezing point hair removal and photon hair removal. 808 freezing point depilation is relatively more used. There are precautions before and after the operation. Before the operation or before…

What is laser hair removal?

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Definition of laser hair removal It is a hair removal method to destroy hair follicles by laser irradiation, so as to achieve the effect of hair removal. Principle of laser hair removal Laser hair removal uses the principle of “selective…

How many years can laser depilation last?

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Laser hair removal uses the selective photothermal effect of laser to instantly destroy hair follicles and inhibit hair growth, which can usually be maintained permanently. But there are two points that should be noted. First, laser hair removal treatment needs…