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Answer the question of permanent hair removal by cold touch laser

Many people with too much body hair intend to do permanent hair removal with cold touch laser. However, they are very concerned about the effect, safety, pain and other issues of permanent hair removal with cold touch laser. For this, experts answered in detail

Too much body hair not only affects the beauty, but also brings some unnecessary embarrassment. Therefore, many people choose cold touch laser permanent hair removal. Then many beauty seekers pay attention to its hair removal effect and whether it is painful. Let’s listen to how the experts of laser beauty hospital answer it!

How long does cold touch laser therapy take?

The time required for treatment depends on the size of the treatment area. For example, the hair removal treatment of the upper lip can be completed in only 5 ~ 15 minutes, while the treatment time of the whole back or legs takes a long time. Because the growth of hair is divided into several cycles, each hair removal area needs several times of irradiation. After one irradiation, the regenerated hair will be thinner and lighter in color. Each irradiation should be separated by one to two months in order to have an ideal effect.

Is it painful to permanently depilate with cold touch laser?

Most of those who seek beauty reflect the painless feeling of treatment, and a small number of those who seek beauty feel slight and instantaneous itching during treatment. The newly treated skin will be a little red, and even a “small swelling” appears in the pores, just like the small pimples after mosquito bites. These are normal. It indicates that laser treatment has begun to prevent hair growth. 2-3 hours after treatment, the skin can subside naturally and return to normal.

What is the effect of cold touch laser permanent hair removal?

The therapeutic practice of thousands of people abroad has proved that this kind of laser hair removal is effective. Among the 92 patients treated by Dr. Christian C. Dierickx of Harvard Medical School, the long-term permanent retention rate after depilation is as high as 89%. Therefore, the U.S. Food and drug administration allows them to use the word “permanent”.

Is it safe to permanently depilate with cold touch laser?

The cold touch laser permanent hair removal system has passed FDA certification and has been successfully treated thousands of times worldwide. No scab and no side effects after treatment. Laser hair removal treatment process is simple, fast and very safe.

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